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      Indian Ankle Jewelry or Ankle Bracelets designs are very famous around the World. As it relates to Indian culture. Every piece of Indian Jewelry Ankle bracelets for woman is made keeping in mind the facts of rich Indian culture.
      An Anklet also called ankle chain or ankle bracelet is an ornament worn around the ankle. Historically Anklets have been worn for centuries by girls and women in India, where it is commonly known as Payal, Pajeb, Jhangar waali Payal.    

      Historically an ankle chain was joined by a stretch of chain to limit the step. This practice was prevalent in the South East Asia, where the effect was to give a 'feminine' short tripping step. Today very few western women follow this practice, but rarely in public. Formal anklets of silver, gold, or beads are used by some women as fashion jewelry. Anklets also known as ladies payal and are an important piece of jewelry in Indian marriages. These are heavy Anklets  that are worn along with saree which Indicates successful Marital status.

      Indian Anklets designs are being loved by everybody around the world primarily in United States and United Kingdom. We ship these beautiful silver anklets to worldwide females at the best prices. Other than the ankle chains for females we have the children sized anklets also available. Mostly ankle bracelets with jingling bells are chosen by parents for their babies.

      If we talk about females who love heavy ankle chains than Jhallar Anklets design is very famous style of Anklets, It has bunch of dangling chains or charms with Jingling Bells. It covers big part of ankle and gives a rich traditional look to the wearer. Jhallar anklets are mostly worn by Brides because of heavy in weight and suit with Indian clothes such as Lehenga or a Saree.
      Indian Anklets with jingling bells are now liked by many females in USA and European countries. These Ankle chain with Bells are worn by females while Belly dancing. Silver Anklets made in India and are getting very famous around the world, not only heavier designs but Slim and trendy designs are now getting more popular among ladies because of its lightweight and can be worn on daily basis. These Light weight anklets are best suitable for western outfits, such as Jeans, skirts. Karizma Jewels is best place for online shopping of silver jewelry anklets in India.