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      A silver mangalsutra is a type of necklace traditionally worn by married women in many Indian cultures. "Mangalsutra" is a combination of two words: "mangal," which means auspicious, and "sutra," which means thread or cord. It is considered a sacred symbol of marital status and is usually tied around the bride's neck by the groom during the wedding ceremony.

      Karizma Jewels offer elegant and traditional designs of silver mangalsutra, typically consists of black beads or beads made of other materials, strung on a silver chain or thread. The pendant of the mangalsutra usually has a design or symbol that represents marital bliss or good fortune.

      Karima Jewels Silver mangalsutras are popular among women who prefer a more affordable and lightweight options with crystal and enamels work.They can be simple and minimalistic or intricately designed, depending on personal preference and cultural influences.
      Karizma Jewels mangal sutra are also influenced a designs of nature, which includes floral designs , sun design and moon design mangalsutra pendants.