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      Rudraksha are the dry seeds of an evergreen tree named "Elaeocarpus ganitrus" .

      Rudraksha beads emits electromagnetic energies that deals with various problems of our life. Rudraksha beads  comes in 1 mukhi and goes to having 21 faces or mukh . Rudraksha seeds also used in making Rudraksha mala that consists of 108 Rudraksha beads or seeds .

      Commonly 1 face and 5 face Rudraksha are considered Most powerful by astrologers , gurus and many other experts. One Mukhi Rudraksha is considered very powerful as it generates the feeling of isolation to the person other than that Five Mukhi Rudraksha is also used by many people and is known for bringing peace and calmness in the person's life . Karizma jewels have both 1 Mukhi , 5 Mukhi , 7 Mukhi Rudraksha available . 

      Rudraksha can be kept and weared by any person irrespective of their age and gender and everyone can get various benefits  of wearing Rudraksha , some of the benefits of wearing Rudraksha are - 1] It brings harmony , peace and calmness . 2] Helps to Increases person's self esteem and motivation . 3] Reduces blood pressure . 4] Helps to Sharpen the mind intellect of a person . 5] Rudraksha beads helps to know the purity of food and water that we are going to consume . So as a total Rudraksha has enormous benefits .