Silver Gifts Utensils


      Silver Items are the most unique things that can be given as a gift on special occasions or festive seasons like Diwali to your loved ones and also are the most benefical things to health when used as utensils at your home. 

      Karizma Jewels has variety of Silver Gifts and Utensils like Pure Silver glasses, Pure Silver plates, Pure Silver spoons, Pure Silver bowls,  Silver box or chandi ki dibbi  and many religious items that can be used while worshiping (doing pooja) of god like Silver Statues of many idols , Silver crown also known as Silver mukt , Silver Flute/ Silver bansuri , Pure Silver Square pieces and silver murti's . 

      These Silver items are also used for many astrological purposes as well as for red book remedies like we have  Silver square pieces , Silver boxes , Silver Swastik for pooja ,Silver snakes ( Silver naag naagin ) , Pure Silver Nails ( chandi ka kil ) and many othe silver items .

      Our collections includes many Religious Silver statues like  Oxidised Sterling Silver Ganesha statue , Pure Silver Hanuman ji statue ( Hanuman ji murti ) , Ram Sita Laxman statue in silver , Oxidised silver Vishnu laxmi idol and many other Religious items in silver .