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      Our punjabi store is an online store for sikh items and has various products related to punjabi culture and religion.
      A Punjabi steel kada, sikh kirpan also know as "siri sahib" and a Sikh Khanda sahib, a religious and a iconic accessory worn by both sikh men and women.

      Steel Sikh Kada : Steel Kada is a Symbol of Sikh Identity, it holds significant cultural and religious importance, particularly for Sikhs. It is an essential part of Sikh identity and commitment to Sikh values.
      Sikh kirpan : a ceremonial dagger that holds immense religious and symbolic significance in Sikhism. Its a religious symbol and not a weapon of aggression but a code of conduct that promotes peace, harmony, and the use of the kirpan only for self-defense and the defense of others in need.
      Sikh Khanda: The Sikh Khanda shows a beliefs of Sikhism, such as justice, equality, and spiritual strength and serves as a visual representation of Sikh identity and symbol for the Sikh community.

      Sikh Simarna: Sikh steel simarna beads is a specific reference to beads used by Sikhs for the practice of Simran or meditation and primarily use prayer beads called "mala" made of different variation of materials such as steel, wood, brass or a gemstones.